Wednesday, September 9, 2009

known protection

As most of you probably know, I work with babies, ages 0-3, who are either born with or at risk with developmental delays or disorders. On a daily basis, I am in and out of homes for multiple reasons such as various evaluations, developing service plans, getting measurements etc, dropping off random handouts that deal subjects from how to add more calories to your babies diet to potty training hints and one my personal favorites "creative ways to get rid of the paci!"  I have about 35 precious little babies on my case load...meaning I see a lot of babies...all the time. 

Okay enough of the introduction, this is not a blog about my job description, its actually about how the Lord used my work to show me just one, out of the countless ways, has protected me.

Usually on Fridays, I can get off work around 2 o'clock unless i have a school district transition meeting to go for our toddlers who are turning 3.  So, the past Friday, I was already somewhat kicking myself for scheduling a Physical Therapy (PT) evaluation for a certain kiddo at 3:30! Keep in mind evaluations usually last about an hour and then if PT services are needed we would then have to create a new service plan and develop new goals and strategies, meaning my normal at home by 2:00 pm would certainly be closer to 5:00 pm.  

At 3:00, I was on my way to the family's home, when I realized I didn't have the referral form with me that had the address, phone number, and just overall basic information of the child.  At this point, I didnt have time to drive back to the office and I had been to the home once before, so said a quick prayer and hoped the Lord would some how grant me a mindful GPS.  Prayer answered. I was at the home 5 minutes before the eval.

Upon arriving, I noticed the PT's car was not there. I waited a couple of more minutes and then decided to call her. No answer. 3:30 had come and past and I started looking through my calendar making sure I had the right day and time right. ...I did. I looked through my service coordinations notes to make sure the visit was confirmed. It was. I called the PT again. No answer. My first instinct was to go knock on the door and just explain to the family that something must of happened bc I couldnt get a hold of the PT, but something inside of me told me not to. and all of a sudden I started thinking that maybe I was the one who got the scheduling all wrong and it was probably for next friday or something like that. Since I didn't have the families phone number I couldnt call them and I didnt want to just show up at their door if I wasn't even suppose to be there. So you can imagine my anxiety at this point. 

I decided to just leave, knowing our apartments were approximately 5 minutes from the neighborhood the family lives in. For the next 20 minutes I continued to call my work voice mail to see if the family had called wondering where "we" were...and unfortunately they did call. And we were suppose to be there. And I wasn't going crazy. 

By this point, I had gotten a hold of the Physical Therapist who swore it was not in her calendar and that I never confirmed with her. I was very upset at someone. Not really sure if I was upset with her, myself or the way we have to pretty much schedule with each other through leaving voice mails. Either way, I went home a little discouraged that day. 

I ended up apologizing profusely to the family for being so unprofessional. I admit, a part of me thought about lying to the family and telling them some random emergency happened and thats why we couldn't make it, but a little voice said "the truth shall set you free" So i explained to the mom the whole scenario and surprisingly she was totally cool with it and was open to reschedule. wooooo (this would be me wiping the sweat off my forehead).

wait...the story gets better (for me at least). So Tuesday morning rolls around. I get an unexpected phone call from the child's dad. "Uh-oh im going to get yelled at" were my first thoughts. However, the dad informs me that the child has the SWINE FLU!!! and that he woke up with a fever and so the parents took him to the doctor and he was diagnosed!  

I felt horrible for the child, especially knowing he is a little bit on the medically fragile state. However, I couldn't help but give praise to My God for so lovingly protecting me and my family from getting the swine flu. It really got me thinking and wondering how often the Lord protects me and I dont even realize it.  Such as from being in a car accident b/c I was on my phone, or our apartment burning down because I left a candle or curling iron on, or someone attacking me when I take murphy out to pee in the middle of the night. I have to say that it has really opened my heart to start thanking the lord for his protection seen and unseen instead of just always asking for it. 

-oh and if for some reason the family wouldn't of taken the child to the doctor that day... I was scheduled to be out at their home the very next morning for a nutrition evaluation. 

"God is good all the time, All the time God is good!"

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  1. How encouraging Amber! I need to be more thoughtful to give God thanks also!