Thursday, September 3, 2009


My lovely Amelia...

Amelia has been my best friend since I was the mere tomboy, basketball playing very irresponsible 13 year old with the phrase "whatever" as my response to anything my parents said. We are that set friends that seriously have been through everything...i repeat everything. I have been literally begging Amelia for me to do a photo shoot with her and finally she said yes and placed me on her very busy kindergarten teacher calendar! Heres a sneak peak of from Amelia's session...I will post more on my facebook page soon! 

Oh and if your interested in having a free photo shoot...let me know! I love practicing! (donations are always accepted though hehe =)

below: amelia had great shoes!

Thanks were fabulous!!

ps. I promise this weekend I will write about whats going on with the NewlyRUTHs! My newlywed blog has turned into a photography blog...I'm going to try to balance them out though, just give me some time!

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