Saturday, September 12, 2009

Waving my hands like yahhh

* the whole time we were hanging out last night we kept singing the new Miley Cyrus song "Party in the USA" and part of the lyrics  is "waving my hands like yahhh" so thats the point of the title of the blog. (and the music playing in the back ground if you turn your computer volume on) ....

Last night, we had a late dinner and then went bowling with Amanda & Bo...the soon to be Vaculiks!  I wish I would of gotten a picture of the scores of both games because then you all would of seen that danny only beat me by 2 points pins! I was very proud of my bowling skills that seamed to of snuck up on me last night =) and I think my husband was getting a little nervous about a girl possibly beating him. none the less i did terrible the second game but that was only because i started getting really bored and really tired. We hadn't gone bowling in a long time so I'm glad that bo suggested it bc we had a pretty good time! Good pick guys! I cant believe that 3 months  from today these two will be tying the knot! So, on that note, please keep amanda & bo in your prayers as their special day draws closer.  I ask that you pray that wedding planning continues to go smoothly for the two of them and that the Lord continues to work in both of their hearts in preparing them to be husband and wife.

Oh im sure you might be wondering why Im making a funny face in one of the pictures, its because I'm proud to say that I tried artichoke dip for the first time last night, and sadly did not like it. at all. I should get a pat on the back for at least trying something new though. dont you think?

Heres some pictures from last night! ( i tried using some different editing styles and I was using my point & shoot camera)

Love love love you all...

amber &danny

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