Saturday, June 11, 2011

Family Date Night

So since its pretty much impossible to get a baby sitter on a friday night (a free one lol) and since we've been out on a Friday night once since Hudson's birth we decided to go on a family date =) Keeping in mind that close to 8 our night would probably have to come to an end because Hudson would be wondering where his crib was.

I already had our evening exactly planned and was so excited about it! You see, Since Monday I hadn't not been out of the house one time, I was getting a little stir crazy to say the least. Micah, the little guy I baby sit, has a little bit of car seat phobia lol...meaning he absolutely hates the car seat. Our last outing was a 5 minute trip to Wendys for a spicy chicken sandwich and lets just say I had to pull over twice and poor Micah had scratched his little head all up from the torture. Definitely not worth it. Soooo by the time Friday had arrived I was more than ready to get out of the house and get a little vitamin D by soaking up some sun!

I knew we didn't want to spend any money or at least not a lot of money so I decided we could go have a picnic and then I found out about Free Concert nights at the Shops of Fairview/Allen! So I packed up our cooler with turkey sandwiches, bottled water, watermelon & cantelope! Oh and i didnt forget the chips and chocolate chip cookies either =) Which reminds me... i seriously may need any intervention when it comes to chocolate chip cookies gah...they are so good!

When danny walked in, I was like "how was your day, great, now go put some shorts on were leaving." lol!

We ended up having a great time! Instead of getting too close to the music we decided to sit on the back of our car under the shade and let Hudson lay down in his stroller! At first I think the music scared him bc it was so loud but then he got use to it and just wanted to look around & take it all in! We were there for about an hour and then decided to go to the new Cabelas that just opened up. I had never been to this "man cave" store but I did decided that though looking at dead stuffed animals may look a little did make me sad to think all these animals were just out minding their own business hanging out with their familys frolicking along and one day "BAM" their dead. =(

Heres some pics from out night:

you didnt think we would forget about Frankie did you?!

the pictures of me have to be in black & white bc danny was in charge of picture taking...enough said. 

wishing i would of put hud in his swim suit...he loves the water! 

again in black & white 
at Cabelas...i hate strongly dislike guns. 

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