Sunday, September 30, 2012


About a week ago or has it already been 2 weeks? Who knows! Danny & I went to Washington, D.C for 5 days!  Danny earned a certain/specific certification in the Insurance world so for earning this we got to go on a trip which happened to be in DC! Pretty cool! We had known about the trip for months almost a year really and the whole time (after finding out we were preggo again) we had planned on taking Hampton because we knew he would be so young & I still would be nursing so leaving him wasn't every really an issue. But as the trip quickly approached and Hampton wasn't getting any easier about a few weeks before leaving we decided to not take him. It really ended up being the best decision but it was a very hard one for me to commit to. I was a mess the week leading up to it, which is really why i never even blogged about it. I was crying every day about leaving our boys for 6 days!! I had never been away from them for that long. The day I went to the hospital to have Hampton was really my first time to ever leave Hudson and I even saw him the next day...ha so not even 24 hours. So technically for the past 20 months I had not spent one day without having one of my babies with me. I'm a little attached to say the least.

If you people only knew how insane I was about leaving them, you probably would of wanted to prescribe me some kind of medication. Just a basket case really, and the day we left after dropping them off...i literally was bawling my eyes out in the car all the way to the airport. I had never been so sad about leaving someone. Anyway, they ended up being just fine and Danny & I had a blast! It really was such a sweet sweet time for us and it was like having "date night" every day all day for 5 days straight! We got dressed up everyday, had fancy dinners almost every night, held hands everywhere, enjoyed some room service, laughed and talked and laughed some more! We did all kinds of things while we were there! I have a friend that lives there so she was absolutely amazing at being my travel guide!! She told us all the great places to eat, which museums to see & which ones to skip and even fun places to get a cupcake! We were such tourist, but we tried our best to fit in as well. DC was soooo pretty...i loved everything about it except for one thing...the people. They just weren't friendly texans, yall. I'm a Texas girl through & through so when waiters would initially walk up to our table and just say "what can i get you?" would totally throw me off. We both would kinda giggle and just say "well, to drink I would like a glass of Merlot and some water with lemon" ... it was so strange. In downtown DC there were homeless people everywhere and rats! HUGE rats! totally freaked me out.

Our favorite things were: THE FOOD...we both loved eating out for every meal including snacks! I mean who doesn't like someone else cooking (& paying) for you?! Thanks to my DC friend we ate at some awesome places. But besides the food our top things were: The Holocaust Museum was pretty amazing, Ford's Theater where Lincoln was shot, the Smithsonian Zoo (were kinda zoo snobs!;), having dinner at Union Station, visiting the Arlington Cemetery, seeing the Lincoln Memorial at night, Air & Space Museum & going to the Washingon Nationals baseball Game. We also really liked riding the Metro everywhere...sooo cool! Oh and the Forever 21 and H&M stores weren't too bad either! ;)

We did got lost a couple of times but it always ended up being an adventure! And one day instead of doing any touristy stuff we decided to just go see a movie! Very random but in a way it was so perfect since we hardly ever get to go!

All & in all it was a great trip! By day 3 I had finally gotten a little less "sad" about missing my babies but by day 5 i was super eager to see them and not an ounce of me was disappointed about our vacay ending! I really had the best of both worlds! Danny was so sweet to me & did such a great job on balancing out time for just us and then hanging out with other people! I am so proud of how hard he worked to earn all of it! I didn't take as many pics as I had planned but heres a few!

I took a lot more pics with my phone but havent gotten around to organizing them! maybe they will just have a little post their own!

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