Monday, October 1, 2012

4 months

Oh my little Hampton.... whats there to say really?! Him & Hudson are like night & day...just complete opposites, at least as babies. The one thing they do have in common is they both are 12 hour a night sleepers! How i wish I could say that the car seat crying has has not. he does have his good moments but the most part he absolutely hates his car seat. Which makes going almost anywhere...very difficult. We cant go out to eat, take walks or even go to the mall for a stroll. So frustrating, but what can ya do? I just keep hoping he will grow out if eventually, or danny may never let me have another baby.

At 4 months heres a little recap of what Hampton is up to!
- rolling from tummy to back
-will sit & swing around in the johnny jumper
-is now grabbing toys & shaking them
-drooling. a lot.
-likes to put everything in his mouth including his entire hand
-does great with tummy time
-loves being held
-has the cutest little laugh & the best smile!
-he isn't the best of nappers but its mainly because we have a lot going on in the mornings
-nurses great & for the most part we haven't had any trouble (complete opposite of hudson)

his 4 month check up is next Monday so I'm anxious to see how big he is! He is now in all 6 month clothes...such a big guy!

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