Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a little change

not to sound too 2008 obama sloganish but my blog is needing some serious change. I like simple...so i made it simple. whatcha think? i changed the title, which I will explain the reasoning behind that in later post!

so i know its been like forever since i last blogged but i have some good excuses! i've been super busy taking pictures, 25 sessions in the month of November alone...my pointer finger is even feeling a bit sore from all the clicking. My 2 under 2 have definitely been keeping me on my toes and outside of MOPS, play dates, bible studies & tot school... blogging has got booted to the bottom of my to do list. this usually always happens to me at the end of the year so hopefully after the holidays get through i'll get back to a good blogging routine!

dont go too far...


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