Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Like almost every mom out there, i'm a little on edge about my babies getting the flu, especially after hearing about two 6 year olds who died here in dallas recently. So, i've started doing my research, even checked with a couple of nurses i know and emailed my pediatrician for some more information on it. what i'm slowly learning is that the flu seriously makes you feel like you've been hit by a train and you literally feel like your dying. the closest i have come to feeling like i was dying was giving birth (kidding, sort of) other than that i can't relate too much. i dont get sick very often and if i do, it doesn't seem to last longer than 1-2 days (knock on wood). Apparently, I have a pretty good immune system as well as Danny and our two boys. Both have had one sick visit each, both of which was for RSV.  For the most part we are all going to get sick but how often, how hard we are hit and how long it last really seems to depend on the immune system. I found a great article talks about how your immune system is weakened, its amazing that could all stem from the first few months of life due to an abundance of antibiotics (which just doesn't kill the bad stuff in you, it destroys the good as well). I've blogged before on ways to strengthen the immune system so instead of going into detail I will just list some big ones: ELDERBERRY- research has even shown that is stops the viral replication of the flu, Echinacea, Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Briar Rose, and garlic (yes garlic is amazing;research all its amazingness!) Sometimes, I wonder why doctors aren't prescribing these to their patients...besides ours that is!;)

So back to the flu, I know so many people who are sick with the flu, just getting done being sick or their sweet little ones are sick...i  have a feeling our time is coming! I've been praying for protection of their health and boosting those immune systems like crazy. And like i said, I emailed my doctor to see if she could give me some more insight on the flu and what we could do if I started seeing signs. She sent me some handouts that were exactly what I was looking for so I thought I would share some of the info on here!

-There is no cure for the flu, antibiotics do not work again viruses.
-fevers is not an illness, it is a defense mechanism of the body fighting off an infection therefor try to avoid taking a fever reducer (doesn't apply to newborns) so the let the body do its thing;)
-BUT- if longer than 3 days of 103 or higher do take a fever reducer, bc high fevers for a long period of time can cause brain damage, seizures and also cause the body to become weaker instead of stronger.
-to treat a cold or the flu, make sure your child rest, drinks A LOT of fluids
-use a humidifier to moisten the air in the room for nasal congestions
-natural treatments that can be used: Oscillococcinum (boiron), Influenzium (boiron), and Influenza-Multi Strain Flu Medicine (by King Bio)

All supplements and natural treatments can be found at places like Whole Foods, Sprouts or Online at sites such as Organic Pharmacy and Healthywarehouse.com (Nature Sunshine Products).

okay so thats my granola post for this flu season! If you know about anything else that I didn't talk about I would LOVE to know about it! Always open for new ideas on keeping my kiddos healthy the best way I know how!

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