Sunday, March 8, 2009

Go Green & Go God

I have really started enjoying this blogging thing, I have found it more entertaining than even facebook which is really hard for even me to believe. But the reason it has become so time consuming yet so intriguing is because I have just been fascinated with how much information and ideas a person can get from simply reading blogs. For, instances just tonight I realized that I can make my own hair wax removal here at home just by using sugar, lemon juice and water! Think how much money a person spends from either razors or salon waxing... a lot and not to mention the wax used in most salons is simply horrible for your skin. Another blog I came across taught me how to make my own cloth napkins which I've decided to do since paper towels can get pretty expensive lets not forget how many trees I might be killing. Like i said before, this blog stuff is way more educational and I"m constantly thinking about "what should i write about next!"

Well, as for the newlyweds we are in search of a church home, so if you have any suggestions we would greatly appreciate them! We have started going to 2 churches a weekend, a saturday night service and a sunday morning service, and i feel as though we still haven't found the "right" one. However, we really adore Pastor Matt Chandler, who use to lead an all college bible study in Abilene, who now is preaching at The Village Church in Highland Village, which is about 45 minutes to an hour from where our apartment is the reason we aren't "members" yet due to the travel. We really would like to find a church pretty close to our home so its easier to get involved in home groups and what not. So please pray that we find wisdom, guidance and assurance in finding a church home to further serve, love and learn more about our lord and savior! =)

Blessings to all!

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  1. yeah yeah yeah and YEAH! I just love blogging too, and I am SO happy that you all have a blog now! Can't wait to read it all the time. So glad I get to see you both so soon! Love you!