Thursday, March 12, 2009

honeymoon run down

Recently,I have got some request to post some pictures of the honeymoon though most of the pictures are posted on our facebook pages I'll give a quick run down of our 7 day Western Caribbean cruise to Mexico, Grand Cayman and Jamaica on the Voyager of the Sea Ship!

I walked into our room on the Ship this was what I saw...what a sweet surprise! Danny had also ordered champagne and white chocolate covered strawberries (my favorite)
This was on our second day of sea the so water doesn't have that "crystal clear" blue water look, but I do think my outfit is pretty cute. =) My husband doesn't look to bad either ;)

This is our ship behind us, as we are getting off in Cozumel, Mexico!


I go back and forth trying to figure out what "day" was my favorite bc everyday was different and something new that I hadn't experienced before! But we had a BLAST in mexico! Especially at Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville!


We actually didn't get to stop in Jamaica due to the weather, it was a bit windy from time to time, hence the reason I was wearing a sweater on the beach. It was never cold just windy.

However, there were tons of things to do on the ship such as: gambling, eating, magic shows, comedy shows, ice skating, game shows, laying out, wine tasting, musicals, ping-pong, basketball courts and any time of the day room service!

so there it is, our honeymoon in a nut shell! hopefully it didnt take the page to download too long considering all of the images.

Well, Greys Anatomy is on so I must pay close attention to that! I"m sure I'll post again tomorrow! tgif everyone!



  1. LOVE your blog. makes me feel like I get to talk to you more, and I love it! So glad I'll get to see you soon, and do Pink Impact together!