Saturday, March 14, 2009

On the road again...

AHH, Cedar Hill won last night by a last second 3 pointer by the one and only Tanner Milson aka the coach's son aka the only white boy on the team. (I wasn't being racist...I was just describing him). Anyway, so this means we get to go to Austin today! The game is at 8:30 tonight and will probably be on some ESPN station if your in the need for some really entertaining high school basketball. So after we do our taxes this morning, we are going to pick up my cousin and his wife and head to the state capital! Im forcing everyone to dress in red/black/white so be prepared for pictures! EKKK im excited! Its been awhile since Danny and I have gone on a road trip so I feel like this is much needed.

Other than basketball in Austin not much is going on in the Ruth home. Danny and I are really into painting old furniture so I thought I would post some pictures of what we've created lately! =) A dresser that use to be my great grandmothers when she was a baby!

And our coffee table and inn table!

well I gotta go pack my bag! See ya!


  1. love the furniture!~ especially the coffee table. way to go painting it yourselves! we love to do that too. can't wait to see the whole apt. in just a few weeks!

  2. You have a very cute blog Amber!!!
    Keep blogging.
    Love you, S