Wednesday, March 18, 2009

puppy fever

Meet Sam

Sam is a 10 week old cock-a-poo who fell in love with the newly-ruths last night. Pretty much every week danny and I go to pet land to visit the animals there (its something free and fun) and we always play with the little puppies and of course the bunnies. We're not looking to actually get a pet; we just like to go and see them. =) However, last night was a totally different story, sam was just adorable. he was a non shedder, loves to sit in your lap but playful pup! And he's half poodle therefor making pretty intelligent as well. I know what your thinking...amber and danny do not need a dog. well your sort of right but we think your sort of wrong. we didnt buy sam but he has got us thinking...

American Idol just started... I wonder who is getting kicked off tonight!! Here's my top 4:

1 comment:

  1. Hey Amber
    that puppy is really cute...but take it from me, their breath starts stinking and suddenly that "puppy love" fades away...he he.
    also, glad you are enjoying your job so far. can't wait to hear more about it. I've been wanting to call you everyday and then remember that you are working!
    and, lastly. I'm watching American Idol RIGHT NOW! We really like Danny Gorkey(sp?) too. Wow, I'm surprised that Alexis is going home?!
    Ok, see you SOON!!! Love you!