Thursday, March 19, 2009

no bueno

ironically, im a sick puppy tonight. for some crazy reason I thought eating taco bueno's mexi-dip and chips would be a great idea. that thought came quickly after I was in and out of the bathroom for about 2..going on 3 hours. I'll spare you the gruesome toxic slightly scary details, just believe me when i say: "i'm never eating fast food wanna be mexican american food again."

Yup, its that time of year again! March Madness this is where all the talk of sweet 16's, up sets, road to the final four, and of course cinderella stories will pour all over ESPN and local news channels and home television. Now dont get me wrong, i love my basketball but I will say this NC double HEY business will not disturb my one tree hill, american idol or greys anatomy watching. I mean those are my shows, those the ones I have been faithful to ...where as this march hoop-la (pun intended) thing is only in our lives for a month per-say. so some negotiating will have to be done in the ruth home =) however, I will say I did fill out my very own bracket and I think I'm doing pretty well... I'll let you be the judge: Amber's Bracket & Danny's Bracket.

If you didn't feel like clicking on our brackets, i'll just go ahead and tell you that my pickings are pretty much the ones to bet on. I'm just that good. Really... I am. call your bookies right now.

well, since i'm not feeling too up to par tonight i'm going to go ahead and get to bed early, actually i just realized its not early at all. ugh.

tomorrow is friday!! yah! a whole weekend with my handsome husband, you have to admit he is pretty precious. =)

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  1. You would love March Madness, Ambino, because you were a basketball star in high school. Do you remember how I told you I wanted to play basketball in high school but I sucked?! Oh, you're my hero! Sorry you're sick...feel better soon, my friend!