Thursday, March 5, 2009

sleepless in plano

Lately I have really been into reading other people's blogs, especially my two sister n laws blogs, (Shelly & Angie) they are so good at keeping everyone up to date on what is going on in their lives and I've secretly become intrigued with this blogging thing. Yes, I do the facebook and myspace stuff but I've really started getting somewhat tired of it. Okay that was a lie, I love stalking other people and reading what other people are commenting on, their "current status" and especially new posted pictures! but blogging seems some what more educational and could even be considered therapeutic (I'm such a counselor).

So, with that said, this is my attempt to keep friends, family and any other blog stalkers updated on whats going on in the life of the newlyweds! I hope I can somewhat keep you entertained but be aware of my constant habit of jumping to one thought to another. Speaking of jumping around...Danny (my amazing husband) and I have been married for little over a month now and I haven't been sleeping very well; meaning: it takes me awhile to finally get to sleep, i wiggle around a lot, i get up in the middle the night to go pee or get a drink of water those are just a few of the annoyances that my sound of sleep snoring husband has to deal with practically every night. Now, I have gotten into this habit of wanting danny to leave the lamp on for like 5 minutes before we are actually ready to go to sleep to just "talk" or say our goodnights, pray...whatever we feel like doing. Well last night, the last 5 minutes went great, until the light went out and I just started...thinking... this is what happens that forces me not to go to sleep. So about 5 more minutes went by and I just had to tell danny that I think Bo & Amanda's (friends of ours that are getting married) kids (future kids) will be really pretty and will probably have a ba-dunk-adunk (a big hiney) Which I'm secretly jealous of because my hiney consist of skin and bones unfortunately. So, when I said this, danny's response was along the lines of "where did that come from" and i said " you really wanna know how I got to that?" and he grunted with a "sure." So this is where that random comment came from: I started thinking how pale I was and how I should start tanning at our apt complex because they offer free tanning, and that lead to me thinking about how bad tanning actually is for your skin so then I thought I'll just spray tan whenever I have to like show my legs or something, which spray tanning made me think of our honeymoon and how good our spray tan looked after the wedding, which lead to figuring out what particular day did our tan look the best (the 3rd & 4rth days) which I had to remember what day I did the spray tan on..that being the day of the rehearsal dinner, so then I started thinking about the dress I wore at the rehearsal dinner and how I probably shouldn't of worn the straps with it and really wanted this ivory dress from anthropology , which then I remembered that Amanda was wearing an ivory dress at my rehearsal dinner so It was probably best that I didnt wear the same color as her and with that said I started thinking about amanda and bo...leading to how their babies will look! wooh no wonder I cant go to sleep at night. I asked danny what he was thinking about...bc I really wanted to know what he thinks about before he goes to sleep. He said "well, I was thinking about the grooves on a back of a shovel and what those are used for..." Thats it? A shovel?! no wonder he falls asleep so fast how boring is that?I read this book one time called "Men are like Waffles, Women are like Spaghetti" ladies and gentlemen this would be a prime example of the theory talked about in this book. I'm Loving Married LIFE!! =)

Tomorrow's Friday!!! woohoo!

Mrs. Amber Ruth

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