Friday, March 6, 2009

forever a bride

Last weekend was mine & danny's one month anniversary, it has gone by so fast its not even funny. In fact its actually made me kinda of sad. Many other married women warned me of this post wedding day blues but I didn't believe them and I really didnt think it would sneak up on me so quickly. Now dont get me wrong..I LOVE being married and I LOVE my wonderful husband...but i do miss the wedding magazines,checking our gift registry, cake testing, color picking, flower arranging, bridal showers, finding the perfect music and all the other meticulous details of planning the perfect wedding. Which I liked to think I even had...the perfect wedding! But its over and it all went by so quickly that I dont even know if anything even went wrong that day( i guess thats a good thing.) Well, we did celebrate our one month and we will probably celebrate every month just because I like to have a reason to celebrate something. And I guess after this last weekend is when the reality of "its really more wedding attention" a couple reasons being because we decided to go ahead and eat the top of our cake for one, because I dont care what anybody says no cake is gonna be good after a we waited a month and it was a brilliant idea because our cake was delicious! While we ate our cake we listened to our wedding ceremony which was so cool because I actually got to hear all the music, and we got to listen to each other say our vows again so that was pretty special. Then after listening to our ceremony we danced in our living to our first dance song "Angel" by Jack Johnson...and then we had sex. hahah im just kidding! I dont think we did actually but it would of been cool if we did bc it would of been like our honeymoon night all over again...ceremony, cake, dancing, sex. Anyways, enough sex talk, so this week we pretty much ate the cake after every meal and last night came time to have to throw it away. And then today I went to get my name changed on my licenses. So i've been a little bumbed out the past couple of days and just continue to have this feeling of  "okay...what do i do now?". So, I started praying about it.   Ive prayed that the Lord will just transform my way of thinking and that he will provide joy and excitement for me while i continue to get use to married life that he so graciously has blessed me with!     "You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. " Psalms 16:11

Have a wonderful Friday night! wine anyone?

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