Sunday, March 15, 2009

"You dont know bout' Da-so-toe"

The title of the this blog would be the "chanting" we heard upon leaving the Frank Erwin Center in Austin after seeing Cedar Hill lose to Desoto in the state 5A basketball championship game last night.

I guess I should of saved the bad news for last but I figured I would go ahead and get the heartache part of the blog out the way.

The beginning of our trip started in Midlothian to pick up my cousin Craig and his wife Lindsey
it was nice to be able to see their home and spend some time with them, we had such a great time! They are hilarious and I dont think danny and I stopped laughing the whole trip. For example, Craig works for Penske (the moving trucks) and Lindsey is a hair dresser and works at Road House (steak house) so every time we passed either a Penske truck or a roadhouse restaurant Craig would point it out and make known to all of us that we had just passed one or the other. This kind of entertainment made the 3 hour drive fly by!

So we got to austin and found our Super 8 hotel not a motel with no problem! I will say this was the nicest super 8 I think I have ever stayed in or seen (even though I've never actually stayed in one but you know what i mean). Flat screen tvs, down comforters on the beds and green tea next to the coffee and lets not forget the continental breakfast!

After we got settled into the hotel we decided to order pizza instead of trying to drive around and find something to eat mainly bc my cousin isn't big on driving around "wasting fuel for frank the ford." So, When the 72 year old pizza (i'm not exaggerating) man forgot the pepperoni pizza and brought only the cheese we were a little crunched on time and appetite. So eating what we had, we grabbed our jackets and head for the game! And oh my it was so much fun! We got to the gym early enough to see the 1A game as well which was slow, country-ish and boring! But when the Cedar Hill game started...the excitement snuck in! I was on the edge of my seat the whole time!

After leaving cedar hill scoreless the first few minutes of the game, Coach David Milson was forced to call an early time out being it was 9-0 Desoto. After the pep talk, lil player milson stepped in with a quick jump shot for 2 points kicking some fire into his team. At the end of the first quarter it was:

By half time Cedar Hill had done their fair share of staying on top of things and the crowd was loving it like Mcdonald's French Fries

The start of the 3rd is where it all started getting a little sketchy. Desoto came out a lot stronger and though Cedar HIll seemed to always "hang on" they were slowly letting that state championship trophy slip away. Of course as fans of the losing team I thought the officials could of done a better job of watching that #11 carry the ball, my cousin believes one of the desoto players should of been thrown out due to pushing (or throwing) one of our players pretty much across the court and the Desoto's center just camped out in the lane all night long. but of course my sweet, composed husband just sat quietly taking in the whole competitive atmosphere giving his fair share of claps when a clap was needed.

As the fourth quarter quickly approached it was "do or die time" the longhorns needed to do some serious damage to those fighting eagles if they wanted things to change for them. We couldn't get a rebound for nothing and that number 5 made everything he threw up. It seemed as though we were always hanging on but just couldnt get ahead and eventually had to start that whole fouling thing to stop the clock making the score look worse than it really was. It was a little unfortunate that they didnt win but hey second place is better than thrid. the boys played their little hearts out and had the whole town behind them all with the tired old phrase of "we'll get em next year"

Like I always say, we could of won...we just ran out of time.

well so that was the game! It was fun weekend and with great company! Tomorrow I start my new Job!! I'll post all about it!

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  1. Good Luck at your new job tomorrow! You will be great!!! Although I'm not sure they will have as cool coworkers as your last job!