Sunday, April 19, 2009

Couldn't think of a clever title...

I feel so lucky to be able to say once again...danny and i had a great weekend and even got a lot of things accomplished like hanging out with family, going on a date, seeing a rangers game, and figuring out how to hang our tv! Friday night danny and i went out to eat at chilis though our service wasn't particularly the best we had great food and great conversation!

Even though danny and i are married, see each other every day and speak to one another everyday its really not everyday that we really get to sit down and actually really talk to one another on just life in general. Though "talking for hours" isnt always danny's favorite thing, I on the other hand love to chat especially with my husband, so it was really sweet for him to not only take me out on a date but to really just sit down and talk with me. Here we are on our date night Friday! I know...not only is he sweet and considerate...he's handsome too!

On saturday, we went to the ranger game with Craig & Lindsey (my cousin and his wife). Lindsey's grandpaw is Joe Macko who use to be the rangers equipment manager back in the day. He's pretty much a big deal. We were able to sit in the Lexus Club seats and watch him be inducted into the Rangers Hall of Fame before the game. We had such a fun time and were so grateful that the Sims' invited us to go to the game with them. Other than being blessed with such great weather and having amazing seats, we met up with other people we knew who were at the same game. Such as Danny parents, Danny's old roommate Luke and our good friend Bo. (however bo we never actually saw...but was there via text messaging). Everything was great...except for the fact the Rangers did indeed lose. Sadly, my expectations werent really that high to begin with. Im just glad I got to get a cute josh hamilton jersey. however, i would of got Ian Kinsler, bc he's really my favorite but that wasnt an option. Here's a few pictures of our day/night at the ranger game!
feel free to comment (or compliment) on my photo editing skills. I am some what proud of myself...

Now i didn't mention that this was the first time for us to obviously be back at the ballpark since our wedding reception and I will admit I got a little sad. I even wore my red converses in honor of our wedding day!

Night everyone,

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  1. hey amber
    i too think it is great that danny took you on a "talking" date. those are my favorite kind too! he is handsome, and you are beautiful. what a great couple!
    miss ya