Monday, April 20, 2009

The Wife Beater

I hope the title of this blog didn't freak anyone my husband does not beat me. However, he is definitely a fan of the wife beater. I'm sure that most of you are aware of what a wife beater is but for those of you who may not a wife beater is defined as a t-shirt that has been made with no sleeves or the sleeves have been cut off. Also known as a tank top. I have never been a fan of this so called tank top for men, in fact I dont find them very attractive at all and I'm not sure why they were ever made much less worn as often as they are. So...i did some researching. And though there are a million other things to do around our apartment I decided to give ol' google some exercise and yes...waste time. And what I found was somewhat interesting. I found that the slang term "wife beater" originated from the popularity of the shirt among post-war working class men, who were stereotypically imagined as violent or abusive. weird huh? Yet another reason why I dont like this type of shirt. I mean, it just reminds me of a bra for men =/ just disturbing really.

However, the Ruth household is as guilty as charged as being owners of the wife beater. Boy Ruth that is...not female. Danny loves his wife beaters. And i'm pretty sure he has over 100 of them. And I secretly (well now publically) strongly dislike having to fold and wash them! They are always inside out and theres always so many of them. I wish there was some way to break his love for the wife beater, maybe i'll pray about it. Plus i dont think the lord really agrees with my precious husband wearing an article of clothing that has earned such a bad name. "Lord please give me favor and change danny's heart towards the repulsive wife beater."

Heres some pictures of danny & his wife beater...the middle picture is what my washer looks like filled to the top with nothing but white wife beaters.

Night bloggers!

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