Tuesday, April 7, 2009

so much to come...

Well its almost 10 o'clock meaning 30 minutes from my bed time and dishes still need to be done, lunches need to packed, clothes need to be picked out, coffee needs to be prepared and teeth need to be brushed. Therefor I have no time to blog tonight. I know I'm getting a little behind but life has been a little busy in the ruth home apartment. But for a reminder to myself and hopefully some high anticipation from our readers heres a little list of whats to come:

1. Canton, TX
2. The Dj's Dead??
3. Psalm 139:23-24
4. Shakes is gone; Kris is the Next American Idol
5. He didnt' ever have time to brush his teeth...

Please stay tune for what will be coming in...THE RUTH REVIEW! =)

Amber & Danny

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  1. I am waiting anxiously for your update. I almost pee in my pants whenever I see that you have written a new post! Night Night!