Wednesday, April 1, 2009


A few months ago, well maybe even almost a year ago when danny was working in Abilene selling insurance he met a customer who was a believer and they soon started talking Jesus. Well, this man gave danny a dvd and said that he had to watch it, it would change his life. Time went by and we never watched this dvd until shortly after our wedding. One jobless day, as I was unpacking some clothes and trying to figure out what i still "needed" I saw this dvd and put it in only because we didnt have tv/cable set up at the time so all we had were movies and we had pretty much already gone through all of them. Anyway, I watched this 30-45 minute dvd and changed my life. I was sitting on our bed surrounded with tons of soon to be salvation army clothes, in my pajamas crying my eyes out (tears of joy and awe that is). As soon as danny got home from work, i made him watch it as well. Though he didnt cry he did say "that was pretty awesome." I recently found a clip of the message and thought I would share. You have to listen to it..its about 7 minutes long. So please enjoy and I hope its gets you thinking how wonderfully we are made and how BIG our God is.

I would love to talk more about it..but danny is wanting me to get off the computer. I have to make lunches and get coffee ready for in the morning...wife duties! =)

oh i have to tell you... i made chicken pork chops tonight and I feel like I have sinned since we never try to eat pork...but they were on sell, and they were actually really good! but no more pig for awhile.

Blessings to all! =)


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