Monday, June 29, 2009

Lets Review a few things

This past weekend...well last Thursday to be exact was danny's 26th birthday!! My gift to danny was tickets to a dallas cowboys game in the new stadium! its actually to a pre-season game because the tickets to a regular game are sooooo expensive, but still in August we will be able to see jerry jones's big money making fiasco and the rest of the Cowboys! Should be fun! Here are a few pictures of when danny came home after work on Thursday...I had wine, white chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries (which i made myself ), two mini cake treats and a present full of dannys favorite food items such as: sun flowers seeds, reeses, beef jerky to name a few.

So thursday, we went out to eat at Houlians in dallas and it was soooo good! I highly recommend eating there! Speaking of recommendations...i saw the movie "My Sister's Keeper" this past weekend and I have to say it was pretty good. A little depressing but since I read the book I was expecting some sadness, however i think i cried about 6 different times during the movie. I would read the book after seeing the movie...bc like they always say a movie never does a book justice. Anyway, its a great story line thats shows a family's struggle with a daughter that is dying with acute Leukemia (like i said depressing)...I want to say that its based on a true story too but I could be making that up. =/ Cameron Diaz plays the role of the mom and it was nice to see her play a more serious/dramatic role than just your average good looking skinny blonde chick flick role. So the point it...go see it. yes, you will walk away with puffy eyes and some sniffles but hey...who doesn't like a good tear jerker every now and then?! So remember first the movie, then the book...and just so ya know they have different endings...=/

I will leave you with an updated picture of Murphy! he is growing so fast and by that i mean...his ears. they are huge! We are still working on potty training but for only being about 11 weeks old...he is doing pretty well. he has started to sleep through most of the night getting up right at about 6 in the morning...which has been okay bc my alarm goes off at 6:15 anyway. This past sunday he only had one accident in the house! So we are making lots of progress! Good Job Murphy Lee!

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