Monday, June 22, 2009

Umm Happy Fathers Day, Honey?

This past weekend it was fathers day as you all know and danny and I are so blessed and lucky to have been able to see and spend a little time with both of our dads! I'm kicking myself for not taking pictures with them this past weekend.. I just always feel so geeky to pull out my camera..."smile its for the blog"...oh well maybe another day. Danny had the pleasure of celebrating fathers day as well...i bought him a little gift since he has been so good with Murphy! There is no way on this planet i would be able to deal with this dog alone. Though we have only had Murphy a week...him (murphy) and I have already gotten in a couple of arguments. =/ I'm really just not a fan of certain behaviors such as spending 20 minutes outside in my work clothes in 100 degree weather waiting for him to pee yet he chooses to wait until after we have gone back up the stairs locked the door, sat down on the couch and then decides to do his dirty work right after chewing on my Coach purse. irr. He is precious though and i do love him he just can be a little challenging. =) Guess theres nothing wrong with a little hard work! Heres some updated pics of mr. murphy!

So, like I was saying Sunday was Fathers day...

Before I continue to blog you may only want to read the next paragraph if you are female! (dont say i didnt warn ya!)
The past 2 weeks I had/have been feeling very sick, very tired and very emotional. By Sunday I was 5 days late. Late as in my period had not arrived. Now for the past 5 months we have been married my periods have been pretty consistent since i started taking birth control ...and i even have a calendar of when i will start. So I was a little nervous. I know 5 days isnt a big deal, but to someone who really really really really does not want a baby. 5 days is LONG time. so what did we do?. well we did what any newlywed just outta college kids would do...went to walmart for a pee stick. I know... it sounds so trashy doesnt it? We were soooo embarrassed too! because our basket consisted of bath soap, a first response pregnancy test, some butterfingers and tampons in case...well you know. Luckily, danny assured me that the cashier was definitely on drugs and was wayyyy to happy to be working as a cashier clerk at walmart. However, I did make it a point to make sure he saw my wedding ring. Isn't that sad, yet some what funny?! OKay okay so I'm sure your alllll dying to hear the results well I will just show you:
So as you can see, we are not pregnant! We still need to get Murphy potty trained, buy a house and I need to get my LPC (license of professional counseling) just to name a few. well i hope you dont think any less of me for posting a picture of my First Response Pregnancy Pee Stick...I apologize if it offends anyone. I just thought it was a good story. Oh and I started my period today! =)

Hope everyone had a wonderful fathers day! see you soon!


  1. I don't think it's trashy at all to get a pregnancy test. That's what I've done about 5 times! I don't know what else you would do. I'm glad and a little sad that you're not pregnant. I know you don't want a baby, but it would have been fun to add one more baby to the craziness :)

  2. Hey Amber,

    I hope you don't think Im a stalker, but, I saw you posted a link to your blog on FB, so I read it! I love blogging, so its always fun to see when other people blog!

    Glad your scare was "just a scare" Tyler and found out we were pregnant 6 months to the date after our wedding. was not just scare, so I can relate to all those feelings!

    If you are interested, my blog is

  3. amber, i'm glad you shared about the pee test. you'll be glad to go back and read that someday too. and just a word of warning...once you start thinking you "might" be pregnant, all the sudden you want to be pregnant. i know that sounds strange, but its true! just watch out! he he. i've loved seeing you recently! see you next weekend!