Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dinner for two please

I cant believe tomorrow is already Friday?! This week has gone by pretty fast for some reason. And tonight will be the first time this week we will be able to sit down and have dinner together. Because on Monday and Wednesday Danny went golfing and he pretty much will golf until the sun goes down leaving me either starving or us having dinner separately. Then on tuesday of htis week our engaged friends Amanda and Bo came over to go swimming. So Tuesday we all ate pizza by the pool. So guess thats why I feel like this week has gone by so fast. Didnt have to worry much about dinner or cleaning up dishes. =)

Anyway, early I said tonight would be the first time we would be able to "sit down" and have dinner for most people that means "lets all gather around the table for a nice roast beef." This doesnt apply to us for two reasons: 1) i dont eat roast beef unless its from Arbys 2) we never sit around the table. Since we have moved in we havent really been able to sit at our dining room table because the "dining" room is fully decorated yet and stuff just covers up the table leaving no space for dinner. This is one area where danny and I differ. I prefer to sit at a table and have dinner with no tv on talk about our day. Danny would rather sit in the living room on the couch and eat dinner while watching tv. Ive read that you will consume more food if you eat dinner while watching tv. I believe it. Anyway, its not really danny's fault you see at one point the dining room was decorated and everything was hung. but after my sweet patient husband hung everything up, exactly the way i wanted it, i decided I didnt like it and took it all down. So since that episode danny has been a little more hesitant to hang things up in this area of the house. So my punishment has been no dinner time at the table together. I'm hoping to get this accomplished by the end of the month. Heres our small little dining room area its pretty "special" at the moment.
Im not even sure why Im publicizing how awful this area our apt looks but i am. =)

However, on a more pleasant decorating note, this past Sunday I went "antiquing" with 2 girls I work with, Mercy and Jessie in Downtown Mckinney. It was pretty fun! We ate lunch at this cute little place called the Pantry and then walked around and did some shopping. My only purchase of the day were these white paper flowers and I think they are pretty cute. here's a picture of them in our bathroom:

Well, danny should be home shortly so I must start dinner! I'll leave with you an updated picture of mr. i prefer to potty in the house than on the grass murphy ruth.

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