Saturday, July 25, 2009


This weekend will be our 6 month wedding anniversary! I know most people do not celebrate at 6 months but here in the ruth home we like to "celebrate" every chance we get. I'm really at a lost of words of how quickly yet amazing these past 6 months have been. Some days I literally i have to stop and think "wow, this is really my life...what did i do to deserve it all?" I would say i even pinch myself but honestly, my real life is better than my dreams, so what's the point in pinching? =) Anyway, this coming weekend we have decided to take a mini vacation . mini as in a 3 night 4 day stay in San Antonio, Texas! So this next week i will have to work 9 to 10 hour days in order to accumulate enough hours to have Friday off and Danny worked yesterday until 7:00pm and then is working today (saturday) from 10 to 7! Talk about sacrificing. We are both very excited about going and are looking forward to strolling down the Riverwalk, riding the roller coasters at Fiesta texas and exploring as much as San Antonio as we possibly can in 3 1/2 days. If anyone has any suggestions on things to do or a good place to stay (that will accept pets=) we would love to hear your ideas! Thanks in advance!

So other than planning our romantic/family get away, we've both been doing a lot studying, a little bit of decorating here and there, and potty training murphy. He is actually getting a little bit better, So far is almost lunch time and he has only had one accident and strangely he peed on the bathroom rug the same time i was peeing. maybe he was confused. Murphy really is a very good puppy and his personality is so funny at times. He is now able to walk up our apartment stairs, but he still cant go down them. He has stopped chewing on our coffee table so thats a plus and finished up his first bag of dog food! Even though he still is not ringing the bell to let us know he needs to go out, he will usually start crawling all over one of us and licking or tugging at us which usually means "i think this is when you guys are suppose to take me to that green stuff and I squat and then get a lets go do that" But sometimes, since we live next to a golf course murphy will get distracted by the golf carts driving by or the golfers who always stop and play with him...leaving murphy forgetting to go pee until he gets back in the house. he is learning though, and I'm certain he will get the hang of it in the next few weeks or so. (however, please keep us in your prayers)

<3 amber & danny

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