Friday, July 17, 2009

Love & Respect

This weekend, Danny and I will be attending a Marriage Conference in Southlake at Gateway Church. The name of the conference is called Thrive, but its based on the book, "Love & Respect' by Dr. Emerson & Sarah Eggerichs. Whats really cool about this conference to us, is that we used this book and another book of theirs, "cracking the communication code" to help prepare us for marriage while we were dating/engaged. Well, to be honest I read the books and danny listened to them on audio! I love danny so much for finding an alternative way to "read" since he doesnt really prefer to read (especially relationship books), but he knew that it was important to me and for our marriage to gain some extra knowledge on spending a life together as husband and wife.

I highly encourage anyone who is married, engaged, dating or even those who want to be married to read the book "Love and Respect" the whole "theory" if you will is based on Ephesians 5:33 and though in my opinion the book can get a little repetitive (probably because the "flesh" needs to be reminded of things more than once) its a great word of encouragement and gives an amazing way of viewing marriage.

I'm really excited about learning new things about the act of marriage, but I will admit I'm a little nervous/scared about what the Lord might convict me with as well. I try very hard to be a good wife but I know I fail many times on a day to day basis. I can be very selfish at times and maybe even do a little nagging from time to time. I have been praying a lot lately that the Lord will use this conference to benefit our marriage and teach me how to love my husband the way he needs to be loved.

With that said, I need to pack murhpys bag because we are headed off to southlake for the weekend and we need to leave in approximately 27 minutes. I'm sure I will have a lot to blog about when I get home on Sunday! I love that the Lord keeps giving danny and I opportunities to grow closer to him, leaving us no other option than to grow closer to each other. I am so blessed to have a husband who is not only supportive of these kind of activities but shares the same of excitement as i do! I love my husband, I love our marriage and I love our family!

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