Sunday, July 12, 2009

oh to be a kid again

Lately, I keep finding myself reminiscing about times of when I was a young child desperately seeking the answers to questions such as "why is the sky blue?" and "does chocolate milk come from black cows?" I dont really miss my child hood, (because I feel like there is a season for everything and I'm perfectly happy where I am at in life at the moment) but I feel like the past week or so I've had a couple of run-ins that have reminded me of what its like to be a kid again.

I guess it all started when one night danny and I took Murphy for a walk and I ended up getting bit by millions of chiggers. At first I thought it was poison ivy or possibly even chicken pox. but then i remember i live in texas and it was definitely chigger bites. I was itching non stop. having these red dots cover my body almost instantly brought back to the first grade when I actually did get the chicken pox and my parents had to put that pink glue-y like cream all over me. I then remember they gave me a stuffed animal and told me to itch the bear instead of myself. A strange concept i suppose, however it least it must of worked bc i eventually stopped itching. Anyway, my chigger bites did eventually go away and it wasn't very fun at all to have, however, it was nice to remember a time of being sick and my parents taking care of me so creatively and sweetly.

Since its summer, one thing we absolutely cant get enough of is ice cream! Good thing we work out pretty often because ice cream is a guilty pleasure of ours. Eating ice cream always reminds me of something kids do. (Even though as a kid I liked flinston orange push ups it was still considered ice cream.) Danny's favorite type of ice cream is usually a shake, he loves his milk shakes. Milk shakes give me acid reflux and heart burn for some odd reason so i usually pass on those. But my all time favorite would have to be the strawberry blonde creation without the caramel at cold stone creamery. Sooo good! Theres a Cold Stone in the Shops of Legacy close to where we live and they have a really cool walking path where lots of dog owners taking their best friends for a walk. So a couple of nights ago we took murphy and made a stop at Cold Stone. Heres a pic of Danny and Murphy (focused on the ice cream rather than the camera)!

Back to another painful yet memory reminder that happened this past week was when I slammed my finger in our front door. EEK! it hurt so bad!! The moment it happened, my first thought was " i need someone" haha I'm not sure what anyone could of actually done but it was my first thought. As a child, I was somewhat clumsy from time to time. I would fall off the bed, fall of the trampoline, stump my toes and run into walls pretty frequently. Another thing I did pretty often was smash/slam my fingers in the car door and my parents would always give me an ice pack for my hand. Even though there was usually never anything wrong with my fingers...the idea of having the ice pack always made me feel better.

So, what little girl didn't play dress up? well, i really didnt. But I did LOVE to dress my dolls. not barbies, baby dolls. I loved my baby dolls! I would line them up in different places in my room after dressing them and doing their hair and then pretend to take their picture. With that said, while danny was gone yesterday to get my car inspected and oil changed I did a little bit of dress up with murphy. We recently bought him a little rain jacket from the dollar store and ive really wanted to put it on i did... then of course the picture taking began. The jacket was actually too small for his tummy so it didnt snap. so he looks more like "super dog" than rain jacket dog. It was really a lot of fun and I couldnt stop laughing. Danny thought it was pretty funny too and murphy actually liked having it on. Oh to be a kid again

Well, we've had a good productive weekend in the ruth apartment! Wish I could tell you all about it but danny just gave me the "ready to go bed?" so this means my blogging has to come to an end. See you next week! And i look forward to reading your blog! =) Have a blessed week!

-amber & danny

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  1. Murphy is so cute! Amber, I would love to have known you as a child! I know we would have been besties!