Monday, August 24, 2009

Field of Dreams

This past Sunday night, danny and I went to the Frisco Rough Rider game with our good friends Amanda and Bo (soon to be married in december.) If you are true followers of my blog then u should already know who these two good looking people are, so i'll spare you any repetitiveness in writing about how great and awesome these two are =) hehe! But seriously we are so excited for their marriage and feel so blessed to not only be apart of their wedding to be apart of their lives!
~amanda & bo "we love you guys!"~

So anyway, while we were at the game i tried out some of my recently learned photography skills! While Ive been so desperately wanting to become an amazing professional photographer over night I started realizing that my dreams of doing celebrity photo shoots for Teen Magazines is just as realistic as some of the guys we watched playing baseball Sunday night. That sounded a lot worse than i wanted it to, but hopefully you got the idea. But anyways, heres some of my minor league photos I took last night! Tell me what you think?! Even if it hurts my feelings..i can take it. (maybe) "theres no crying in photography...unless it means a good picture"

Well theres a little baseball for ya...on a more sentimental note, there was this precious baby sitting next to us and I had to have a semi secret stranger photo shoot. I'm really not sure if the mom knew I was taking these but she never really looked at me. Then I decided to take some of a couple of other cute little kids! oh the joy to be a kid again at a baseball game =)


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