Thursday, August 27, 2009

Football Fanatics!

Well, this week is closely coming to an end and I couldnt be more excited about the following days that lie ahead of us! This weekend will be celebrating our 7 month anniversary at the new Dallas Cowboys Stadium! A few months ago I bought danny tickets to a preseason game for his birthday and we've been so anxiously waiting for this day to come! I'm not much of a football person but for some reason the cowboys have earned a special place in my heart that I can assure you has nothing to do with the much undivided attention my husband gives them every season. Yes, theres something different with danny during football season, unlike any other sport season i might add. Like most of you probably know, danny is a pretty reserved, lets cut the chit chat-get straight to the point all around laidback kinda guy. He watches, listens or reads about some kind of sporting event at least once a day everyday, funny thing is his emotions towards sports hardley ever changes. If you didnt know danny, you probably wouldnt even know which team he is "going" for, hence the reason i usually ask "who do we want to win?" However, the point im getting to is this "reserve-ness" im speaking of will sometimes "break" if you will, when its comes to the Dallas Cowboys. I have actually witness danny, jump off the couch into the air and yell at the tv, with his hand up waiting for a high five (this is where i come into play). I remember last season, there was even a point when danny literally picked me up and spun me around bc of something "awesome" the cowboys did. Dont worry, no one was injured, shocked, but no physical pain.

Now most females, find this need of "sport entertainment" a bit on the annoying side. I on other hand, for right now at least, completely love it. I love seeing all these emotions come out of danny, weird that it takes a game of football, but hey...i take what i can get. I like knowing that danny finds watching sports exciting and i like that its a hobby of his, only because theres a million other things that he could be interested in that I (nor his mother) would approve of. So for now and hopefully always, the Dallas Cowboys will keep this special place in my heart only because they have been so faithful in entertaining my husband and somehow gives our relationship another reason to smile.

With that said, we both cant wait until Saturday for the game!! We are going to get their extra early and hopefully be able to find a place to park thats cheaper than $75.00 - (wish us luck)! =) and expect lots of pictures! woohoo!

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  1. y'all will have such a great time! i'm excited to experience some real college football out here (mathis says va tech is ranked #7)... but unfortunately everyone is mostly redskins fans out here, so we'll be cheering for the cowboys by ourselves.