Sunday, August 30, 2009

How bout dem cowboys...

...or not so much considering they lost in the last seconds of the game. 

Even though the our beloved cowboys lost, I will say we had a blast at the game! I have to give ol' jerry jones some credit precisely where credit is due. Besides the actually stadium and all its demeanors heres a quick list of what I found very much appreciative. 

  • fully air conditioned (to the point that I had the chills the entire second half)
  • they sold fresh fruit!! (bag of grapes 3 bucks!)
  • went to the bathroom twice, never stood in a line
  • the big screen (need i elaborate?)
  • no traffic what so ever. (last year we sat for an hour before & after the game)
  • the walk from where you park- at the old stadium we paid $25 dollars to park in a gravel-full of weeds- no labeled parking lot and walked over a mile with hundreds of others. At the new stadium you have options the closer you park the more you pay. We paid $40 dollars to park in a lighted, paved, parking lot with security and walked for less than a half a mile on a sidewalk. 

In pictures heres what else i liked...hehe

hope everyone has a blessed week! happy monday!
- amber&danny

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