Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm calling in sick...

I cant believe its been over a week since I last blogged. Forgive me, but danny and I have both been sick with an awful cold. Our time together at home has been spent taking turns having random cough attacks and running to a sink to spit out mucus. (i know that was gross, sorry). We've been taking all kinds of over the counter drugs and nothing has worked. so now were sticking to whatever vitamins/pills danny's mom gives us, warm honey green tea and vapor rub. I feel as though we are slowly recovering...however our lives havent been to exciting due to the fact of feeling so "blah!" Hopefully next week i will feel more like blogging, but for now laying in bed with my coughing husband, my extra wiggly dog, with a movie going and a good book is pretty much all i have felt like doing these days. Tonight we rented The Soloist.

Be back soon healthy and all,


ps. murphy is doing great and has had about 3 or 4 accidents the entire week!! He is such a good puppy and we love him so much! =)

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  1. Hi Amber and Danny,
    Susie sent me a link to your blog, and i absolutely love it! I check on you a couple of times a month, and although I feel like a lurker, I am blessed to read of your new life together. Amber, you are a talented writer!and Danny, it sounds like you get an A+ as a husband! Murphy is darling, too. Just wanted to say you both!
    Libby and Ken