Monday, August 17, 2009

nothings always something

As this past weekend was approaching danny and I were pretty skeptical of how our Friday thru Sunday would play out considering we had nothing and I mean nothing on our calendar...both literally and mentally. Oddly enough we both secretly were looking forward to not having to do anything especially since we were still trying to get rid of this horrid cough we both have been held captive with.

So Friday night after eating turkey dogs and cheddar cheese rice cakes (the next best thing to chicken noodle soup) we headed to block buster to rent a couple of movies. The original plan was to actually go to the movies and see the Time Travelers Wife, but the coughing and falling asleep on the coach for a bit quickly took that option off the list. So after blockbusters we loaded up on some drugs (legal & healthy) climbed into bed with some ice cream, murphy, the computer (of course) and watched The Soloist.
Saturday morning Murphy woke us up at about 7 in the morning, however we both were up several times through out the night having spontaneous cough attacks (couch attacks can be defined as when a person cannot seem to keep their mouth from coughing over about a 3 minute time span; this usually involves several trips to the bathroom to spit, which then triggers an urge to pee, which after all the coughing you really need a drink of water which usually starts the whole cycle over again). However, we all (us & murphy) stayed in the bed till about 9ish, and decided it was time for breakfast. I had already been planning on making breakfast tacos until I realized we had no eggs. So we had biscuits and gravy. chocolate gravy to be exact. Chocolate gravy is a Henson family tradition. This was my first time to attempt to make it, and I have to say it didn't turn out too bad. It wasn't the best, but it was definitely eat-able.
Saturday afternoon, we decided to attempt going to the movies to see the Time Travelers Wife...coughing or not I was determined to see it! I have been waiting to anxiously for it to come out! I have to admit it wasnt as good as I was expecting or hoping, but it was worth seeing. I dont remember really crying or even really laughing out loud and I think thats what makes a good that can bring out both sides of emotions. Dolly Parton said it best in the movie "Steel Magnolias" when she said, "Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." ahhh what a fabulous movie!

The rest of Saturday consisted of cleaning around the house, a couple of trips to best buy and one special trip to petsmart to get a new bone for one very cute dog. Saturday night we were in a search a good chinese food restaurant but our search became very unsuccessful and we ended up at a Grandys. I personally love Grandys, so no complaints over in this area of the house. =) Heres Some pictures of Murphy and his new bone!

Then finally on Sunday, my mom took me out to lunch in Allen at Mi Concina for my birthday and then did a little shopping so that was fun! Speaking of, I never blogged about my birthday but I was so blessed to be able to spend time with almost everyone in my family for my birthday at least one time through out the week! Dannys family cooked me dinner the Friday night before my birthday which was also Susie's (his mom) birthday weekend as well, so we were able to celebrate together! Then that sunday my dad and step mom went with danny and I to a Frisco rough riders baseball game! And though it started out a little hot it ended up being pretty fun and with the Rough Riders adding a W to the win column. Sadly, I took no pictures while we were at the game but heres a pic of Susie and I with our brownie ice cream desserts!

So as you can see...our nothing weekend became pretty eventful in its own special way! I have to say it's probably been one of the best weekends with danny so far..well at least in the top 10. =) Happy Monday everyone, have a great week!!

amber & danny

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