Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Remember the Alamo

This past weekend, danny and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary in San Antonio! We had such a great time and were able to do a lot!

Heres a trip in a nut shell:

-left thursday after work and stay in the Sheraton Gunter Hotel on the riverwalk
-Danny surprised me with giving me my birthday present early: a new (what i would like to call) "professional" camera
-Murphy stayed with Nana & Pops (dannys parents)

-Friday morning had breakfast at the friendliest whataburger ever!
-We spent Friday at Fiesta Texas and we were suppose to attend the Augustana concert playing that night...but it was too hot so we left early.
-Friday night we ate at Mi Teirra, which I highly recommend! Great Atmosphere, Great Food!! Def. a popular place for tourist and locals!-A bicyclist with a carrier took us to Mi Teirra and was ringing the bell down the street making everyone turn and look at us and wave. =) We felt like a "just married" sign was posted somewhere...
-Saturday morning, we walked down to subway to eat breakfast but the lady in subway told us about a really good right down the street to go eat at...and boy was she right! We ate Cafe Blanco and had a wonderful mexican breakfast for a total of 6 dollars for both of us.
-After breakfast came back to explore the hotel some before going to check out where the dallas cowboys where staying; which happen to be about a block away.

-Went to El Mercado (the market) (not impressed)
-Walked around the river walk a little, then went to lunch at the Guenther House! Another place I highly recommend!

-the rest of Saturday was spent shopping at the River center mall, dinner at Cafe Ol'e, dessert & entertainment at a comedy club, and visit to the alamo!

-Sunday, was spent walking around the rivewalk again, taking pictures with my new camera and finding a good ol' souther american style breakfast!

I'm hoping my pictures post correctly because I'm not sure if i saved them right...=/

Have a wonderful week and thanks for reading about our lives!! =)

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  1. yay san antonio!! y'all really packed in a lot of good stuff! and your pictures look great, amber!!! :)