Thursday, October 22, 2009

Prayer Request

Lately, I feel like a lot around danny and I has been going on that the Lord has called us to pray about..with that said I would like a small yet powerful favor from my blog readers! I would like for you to pray for some situations that we have actually been praying for or about. I'm simply going to list them all, leaving out names, due to confidentiality (ha i say that at work all the time) and if you have a moment for either all these request or if you just want to pick one or two then I'm most certain we will see the Lord's hand start to move. Thank you in advance! =)

I believe prayer is needed in these areas:

*four couples that we are friends with will be married by the end of this year...=)
*five families we know are expecting babies
*two people we know are waiting for doctor results
*one family we know just had a new born baby =)
*one couple we know is struggling with getting back into church
*two couples we know are living together out of wedlock
*Danny has not been able to find renters for his house in abilene
*I registered to take my LPC test
*one person we know is thinking about going back to school but not sure how to pay for it
*one person who is struggling with depression

hmm those are the main ones...again thanks! =)


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  1. love you amber! Thoughts, prayers, and blessings!!