Friday, October 23, 2009

an unfortunate fortune

unfortunately we will not be able to spend thanksgiving with our family members this year. Recently I posted a blog that talked about how danny & I won a free anniversary/christmas photo shoot, well one of the exceptions (not sure if thats the word im looking for) is that we have to take them by november 30th. Easy right? not so much...every weekend we are booked. The only weekend we have open is the weekend of thanksgiving =/ At first we were bummed and thought we would have to cancel our photoshoot and let our winnings go... but after a lot of thought we decided to just live it up and spend our first thanksgiving married in Austin with sweet potty trained Murphy...just the 3 of us.

We both our excited about cooking up an entire thanksgiving dinner for 2, that will consist of turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potatoes, baked mac n cheese, green bean casserole, cherry cheese cake, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies! i know soooo much food but since I'm a pretty picky eater we have to have a variety. lol. But we plan on leaving thursday afternoon and coming back on Sunday evening so hopefully our food will last alllll weekend in our hotel room!

I think this will end up being a really fun memory once its all said and done! This will be the first time, either one of us has not spent thanksgiving with family members, which is pretty sad for me.  but i do think it will be a good experience for our marriage, especially with us still finishing up our first year of marriage. woohoo!  Tonight, I'm going to start planning our 3 night, 4 day mini vaca/holiday trip, starting with finding a pet friendly hotel at!  Let me know if u have any suggestions for our time in austin?!


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