Tuesday, November 10, 2009

no, we aren't crazy

... but yes i love Christmas!! It is by far my favorite holiday...next to monthly anniversary celebrations hehe! =)

This past friday night, danny and I spent a romantic night at Garden Ridge and picked out the perfect tree for our first official christmas together! We started our hunt for the perfect tree the day after halloween, hoping that retail stores would be just as excited about the upcoming holiday as we were are; however we were very unsuccessful...and pumpkins, scarecrows and scary mask were still sitting out (granted they were all 50 to 75 percent off).  So the week after halloween, every day after work I would stop by target to see if they had put their trees up, because we all know once target does something the rest of the sellers will follow. And one fine day, my favorite day to be exact (wednesday), in the back corner of target...there they were. Stockings for the whole family, christmas cards, ornaments that would suit any style and of course...a variety of trees. I immediately sent danny a picture text of all the trees...the hunt was on.

Turns out, both of us were rather picky when it came to the "perfect" Christmas tree!  I wanted it pre light, danny wanted it "full", I wanted a 6 1/2 foot tree, the list went on...What was funny is that we didnt disagree about each others "opinion" on the tree...because what I ended up discovering is that we both wanted the same thing...we just had a different way of describing it. oh men & women...."neither wrong, both just different." (love & respect conference quote).

So we searched high and low for a tree...walmart, target, potterybarn (only because we still have a gift card from there), and even considered getting a real tree, but that idea went out the window quick due to having a small creature named murphy who enjoys peeing on live trees. =) So we decided to head to Garden Ridge, there isnt one in plano or frisco so we had to go to Lewisville, which isnt that bad of a drive because we pass it on our way to church!

There at Garden Ridge, danny & i had a moment, if you will. It was just perfect, it was one of those days that I wish someone was filming us. We both couldnt believe we were actually picking out our first christmas tree together, for our first home, for our first christmas together. Danny has been so kind to let me "splurge" on tree decor and other little home decorations for the holidays! I am so blessed!

Well enough of all that...i know the anticipation is killing you, so here is a series of pictures of our day putting up the tree from start to semi-finish (need a topper & skirt..haha that makes our tree sound so naked)!  However, the pictures do not do it justice you really must stop by to see it! =)

below: listening to christmas music, rearranging the furniture and a target bag full of ornaments!

above: such a good tree fluffer he is!

below: i tried forever to get both of our reflection in the ball, needless to say danny didnt find it as interesting as i did...=/

below: the start of putting ribbon around...thank u Susie for showing me how last year! =)

merry almost after thanksgiving Christmas!!


  1. awww so pretty amber! I remember the first year we were married I had our tree up early too. This year I'm not even sure I'm going to put it out, because we're going to be doing such traveling at Christmas. :)

  2. You are so cute! If you lived here I would hire you to decorate my tree and house...i lack the talent. Hope you guys are doing well!!