Saturday, November 21, 2009

what we've been up to...

i cant believe its been 11 days since i last blogged. i feel as though so much has been going on in the past 11 days, leaving me no time to blog. =( SO long story short, heres what we've been up:

- last weekend I road tripped with some co-workers/friends to wichita falls for my friend/co-worker jessie's wedding.  The bride was glowing, the groom couldnt stop crying. It was precious! The wedding was something I planned on blogging about only because there were a couple of things that bothered me about it.  I was extremely irritated that a certain group of people kept walking down the center of the aisle! hasnt everyone heard of wedding etiquette?! no one is to walk down the aisle except the wedding party! Another thing i couldnt help to notice is the preacher kept using the word "magical" and then would some how make it sound biblical. I thought it was strange. Anyway, The reception was so fun, but sad for me at the same...since i was thrown into the "dateless" group since danny stayed in dallas to attend Bo's bachelor party.  I couldnt participate in the married/couples dances and had no one to stand in line with me to pick out certain types of foods only i eat! However, despite being dateless for the first time in 3 years, I did have a great time hanging out with new friends!


-A couple of weekends ago we threw Amanda & Bo a couples (his & her) wedding shower! It turned out to be a success and everyone seem to have a blast! I cant believe its getting so close for these two to finally say "i do!" We had a small get together at Dave N Busters...that way it would be very informal, no spending money on food or decor for 15 people , and an excellent way to get the men to come! Again, it was fun!


-Twilight. yes its a teen movie even though i dont think I would let me 13 year old watch it, but its really good. Especially if you read the books. Even danny liked the movie. I'm not obsessed with the movie like a lot of people seem to be and I havent read any of the books but I have recently started reading the first one. Its not a biblical movie, but in a sense and nonchalant way it does seem to advertise positive morals and values for teenagers ex. waiting to have sex before marriage, theres no drinking or drugs going on, not a single cuss word is ever said etc.  Sure its about vampires, not your typical vampires , but its really about a love story, kind of like "romeo & juliet" in a non historical, literature learning way.


Anyway, i had already seen twilight 4 times and yesterday was the opening weekend of the sequel, "New Moon."  Me and 3 friends stood in a line 2 hours before the movie and ended up getting great seats in a sold out theater. Luckily we had made advanced ticket purchases. The second movie was 10 times better than the first! Danny is a little jealous ( he wont admit it) so we are planning on seeing it  sometime this week.

-After lots of discussion, researching and of course praying, we have decided to start looking for a new car. An SUV to be exact. One that gets pretty good gas mileage and would last for awhile. I was very excited when danny sat me down a couple of nights to go and told me to start looking for what I want!! =)  I cant help but think, "what a great vehicle this will be for when we start having kids!" SUV, House, then...babies! =) sounds like a great plan to me! so...any suggestions on types of SUVs??

well, the dryer just yelled at me so I'm off to do some more laundry...seems like that never goes away.  But then again i guess it wouldnt, unless we decided to go naked everywhere. =/

hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! and start putting up those christmas decorations! =)


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