Sunday, December 6, 2009

a french nerd

yesterday i went christmas shopping. i love christmas shopping. in fact i just love shopping in general.  And though i love shopping for myself my absolutely most favorite thing to go shopping for is...OTHERS!! I love shopping for presents! =) its just so fun! so yesterday, i told myself "amber, no clothes, unless it for someone else." i know some may say its wrong to shop (so much) or i should be spending  saving my money for others things but shopping is my hobby. Its okay to have a hobby right? I mean its healthy to have hobbies and like most hobbies...they cost money.  The same way as scrapbooking, sewing, baking, photography, crafting etc cost money. Shopping is a way for me to express myself. =) And thankfully I have a husband who rarely mentions any negative comments towards my hobbies =)  So enough justification right?!  Anyway, I got a lot of my christmas shopping fact I only have 3 more people I need to buy for and the only reason those arent done is because im waiting on christmas list =) Its important to get what people want right?!  Anyway, so it was definitely a christmas shopping day at the mall! All the christmas decorations were up, a small orchestra was there playing christmas songs, the starbucks line was nearly a mile long, trains were traveling along snow lined tracks and sale signs were everywhere! I was in mall heaven! In one store, onto another! dropping change in every salvation army swinging bucket as i passed! Just a marvelous day, if you think about it. Its nice to think that probably almost everyone in that mall was there to buy something for someone else. I know christmas isnt about gifts but its still nice to see the spirit of giving!

One store that I always have to go into is Forever21. Its my all time favorite store, yes there clothes are cheap and dont last very long but I'm okay with that because the styles change so quickly that i'm glad I dont spend a lot for one item! And though I was on a mission not to buy clothes, I still had to give the two story store a quick walk through! I ended up in the accessories section and thought to myself " theses aren't clothes..."

I left there spending only $5. 89. I was able to buy some gloves and some very "special" glasses. When danny came home, I couldnt wait to show him my new glasses. For a minute...or several minutes he made fun of me for them...but after I noticed that he couldnt stop looking at me and finally i said "you like them dont you?" and he smiled and said "my little french nerd." He confessed that he did indeed think they were cute but still thought I was crazy for wearing them...much less for purchasing them. I like my new glasses. they are a little on the extreme side but its funny because the look i was going for was precisely a "french nerd!"

what do you think? I not very good with silly faces...but its hard posing when holding a huge camera! =)


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