Sunday, December 13, 2009

one fine day...

this past weekend marked a very important one in the lives of our best & amanda and thankfully we were blessed to spend it with them.

this time 3 years ago danny and i became boyfriend and girlfriend.  This time 3 years ago and 7 days before amanda and bo became boyfriend & girlfriend.

i met bo the first week of our freshman year at hardin-simmons. we were instantly friends and have been friends ever since. i've laughed with him, stayed up all night studying with him, yelled at him, cried to him, and poured my heart out to him about the kind of guy i wanted to marry for the first four years of our friendship.

bo and i usually tried to take one class together a semester but that didnt last long considering we each had totally different majors. however our sophomore year we were able to take an elective class, ironically it was called Sociology of Marriage. the first day of class we found our seats..towards the back of course and close to the door in case we needed to ditch...we were talking, probably quoting the movie rush hour or laughing about something from the night before ...when in walked a beautiful brunette, dressed up from head to toe, wearing black open toe heels, with wonderfully clear tan skin and a contagious smile.

her name was amanda jonas. i had seen her around school, since everybody knows everybody at hardin-simmons. I wasn't amused with her high heels...considering i lived in my brown rainbow flip flops typically wearing worn out jeans and a tri phi t-shirt. bo, however was very much amused. he looked at her, looked at me and said "wow, who's that and hook me up." bo and i spent the rest of that semester cheating on our quizzes in class and writing notes back and forth...he loved writing about her.

a couple of years went by and now were seniors. i ended up becoming really good friends with that amanda jonas. She was awesome! she got me a job at the abilene country club...where i learned a lot about people who golf, precisely why i'm not surprised with the whole tiger woods scandal. After that, amanda and i started living together. It was me, her and callie. 3 girls, 2 pet rabbits in a one bedroom apartment. lets just say we became very close. and did i mention danny & bo were roommates as well.

october 12, 2006. i introduced amanda to bo.

october 12, 2006. bo introduced danny to me.

december 7, 2006. bo & amanda became boyfriend & girlfriend

december 14, 2006. danny & i became boyfriend & girlfriend

july 23, 2008. danny proposed to me.

december 7, 2009. bo proposed to amanda.

january 31, 2009. danny & i were married.

december 12, 2009. bo and amanda were married.

I will be forever grateful for these two. its so amazing for me to think that mine & bo's friendship resulted in each of us finding our spouse. i cant imagine my life with out the vaculik's, they bring so much laughter, honesty and fellowship into our lives.

amanda & bo: i am so happy for you guys. thank you for letting me be apart of not just your wedding day, but each of your lives. i love your love for life. i love your love for each other.  im glad i was asked to speak at your was an honor! one thing i meant say that i forgot was this: many will say marriage is hard, which may be true, but i choose to believe that life has its own way of being hard... your marriage doesn't have to be. you guys will great!  welcome to the club and let the journey begin!


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