Thursday, January 14, 2010

Goals for 2010

1. Do laundry twice a week instead of once a month
 For the past year i have embarrassingly, been horrible at keeping up with the laundry in our house. I         blame it on my "growing up."  my parents always had laundry more than under control. Whatever I wore on Tuesday was washed, dried, and folded neatly on my bed the day I got home from school on Wednesday. So subconsciously, now consciously, i put off doing laundry as long as i can. But now, 2010 i am putting an end to procrastination when it comes to laundry. 

2. Read for at least 30 minutes... everyday.
I love reading. I've always loved reading, but my actions this past year would not show that at all. Sadly, I only read one book the entire year of 2009.  This year I plan on reading at least 6 books, along with daily bible readings, and journaling. I am reading "Keeping Faith" at the moment something i started in 09 but never finished...

3. Blog more "intensely"
Most people who read my blog would probably describe it as "cute, funny, sweet, happy-go-lucky, and tad funny from time to time" this year,  though all those adjectives hope to still remain i plan on blogging about the things that maybe "most" people normally wouldnt blog about. I want my blog to be "real, honest, maybe even somewhat inspiring."  Meaning, i might blog about the days im feeling discouraged with life, or with danny or with my job to name a few.  I might blog about the days that danny is discouraged with life, his job and yes...even me. I think its great to only write about the happy days...but I think its the good & the bad that make our lives even more interesting and more rewarding. 

4. Have Carrie Underwood/Jessica Simpson hair
The last time I cut (really cut) my hair was Christmas 2007. Yes, my hair has been going for over 2 years now. I want long, wavy, dirty blonde hair! I rarely use a straightner anymore, which has helped my hair grow tremendously and I haven't had my hair colored since December 08 which is another healthier idea for my hair growing.

5. Be halfway finished with my LPC internship
March 5th I take my LPC test. If When, I pass the test, I will then be on my way to staring my 3000 hour internship which should take a year and a half to complete. Once that is completed I will be an official Licensed Professional Counselor. I have truly felt the Lord's calling to be a counselor and I'm so excited to see what he has in store for me. 

6. Stay under 115 pounds
I'm aware its always a little awkward when people start talking about weight, especially their own, but I feel like I have to be a bit blunt with things! =)  On my wedding day, I weighed 110 pounds. My goal   weight, at least until i have children, is to stay under 115 pounds. So far, so good. I hear once you past 25 things get a little harder and metabolisms slow down. With that said, in 2010 i will become more aware of my eating habits and work out more. 

7. Learn to like salad, beer and give up dairy products.
Yes i said it. I know salad and beer have nothing in common but these are two things that are very "sociably' accepted and i dont like either one. going to try to like these two things, at least enough to actually have a salad when its offered or be able to drink beer at a cookout with friends (or while watching the cowboys win the superbowl)! And finally, I have discovered in 2009 that I may be a little lactose intolerable/intolerant (whatever the term may be.) Therefor I plan on easy'n up on the dairy products and possible getting "professionally" tested for this concern of mine to make sure im right, only because i absolutely love cheese..and ice cream and chocolate swirl waffle cones from braums. 

well folks thats that. Amber's goals for 2010. In the words of Oprah (i know she's not the greatest person to quote...but i like it), "its a new year, a new year to get it right..."

im still trying to get danny to make goals...=/

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