Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my little comforter

Today was one of those days, that sadly, I couldnt wait to be over.  It was just one of those days that was a little blurry and a little gloomy. The weather this evening didnt help.  Danny working late didnt help either. 

Murphy is without a doubt "danny's best friend." Murphy loves him. And will get very crabby if Danny doesnt give him any attention (one thing murph and i have in common). On the otherhand, Murphy likes me too, but usually only cares about me when danny isnt around or he doesn't feel good...then he comes to me.

Well today, when I got home. The routine sort of goes like this: walk through the door, through down my bags, go pee, walk to murphy's crate let him out, grab the mail key, and murph and i walk to go get the mail at the mailbox center on the other side of the complex. Once we get back I feed murphy a "before dinner snack," I check my email, facebook, blog, and twitter accounts.  I then prepare dinner, usually unload the dishwasher and just pick up around the house from the night before. By this time murphy needs to go pee again due to the "snack." And usually Danny is getting home, so he usually takes Murphy out, but tonight Danny had to work late so I was in charge of taking the murph out for his quick pee.  So out and down the stairs we went. I found it very odd tonight that even though today was almost 60 degrees outside...I never felt colder for some reason. Murphy and I took a little stroll outside for him to get comfortable enough to do his business. The air was needle piercing cold.  The night was quiet enough for murphy to hear me sniffling from time to time. I felt like I was walking murphy in chilly daze. 

When we got back upstairs, I turned up the heat a few degrees and watched murphy go straight to his gigantic christmas bone. i love that he loves it. At that moment, I buried my face in my hands and started sobbing. Like I said, today was not a good day. My "joy" that I had been fighting for all day...I had suddenly slipped away for a moment. Apparently, Murphy had acknowledged a change in my demeanor. He stopped his scratching and chewing and came up to me. He tilted his sweet little big ear head and put his paws up my the couch next me. I could tell he was confused and wanted me to sit on the floor with him. So, I slide down to the floor , sitting with my knees up, back up against the couch...with the tears still flowing. Murphy then put his little paw on my knee and started licking my face continuous. At first this was very strange to me...bc murphy NEVER gives me kisses. only danny. I soon realized that murphy had understood that I was sad and he was doing his best to comfort me. For the next 15 minutes he didnt leave my side. he laid there with his little face on my lap and his paw on my leg. We then prayed together. And then I was done wallowing. I got up and did the laundry. I then made my goals for the year. I plan on blogging about those tomorrow. Right now, my hubby just walked in...and i need some hugs! =)

night all ;)


  1. Amber! What a sweet story! Isn't it amazing how much comfort dogs can be? I love reading how God used Murphy to comfort you tonight. I hope that the rest of you week goes much better! I look forward to reading your goals!! :)

  2. That is why everyone should own a dog! I'm sorry you had a gloomy day! It seems like I have had a few of those this week too! Thank God for great dogs and greater husbands! :)