Wednesday, January 27, 2010

what ive learned

On Sunday will be our 1 year anniversary. Wow. I cant believe i'm actually blogging about our 1 year wedding anniversary. I have always been the one to force danny to celebrate our "month" anniversaries while we were dating and we even celebrated monthly our first 6 month of marriage but after 6 months everything went so fast that we sort of stopped "celebrating." And now...its finally here...a real life actual anniversary, i have waiting my whole life for this. haha well maybe not my whole life...but for a long time.

For the next 4 days or week...I plan to blog about our past year.  For starters I thought I would make a list of some things I have learned about marriage our marriage in the past year.

1. If I want ice cream, tell him i want ice cream...not "do you want to go get some ice cream?"
2. Football, baseball, basketball, golf, snow skiing, more than just a game.
3. His plate must have more food on it...unless its dessert then i get more =).
4. The "squelches" of sudden fear of a wreck are not going to make him drive better and/or slower.
5. Never make fun your husband in front of family or friends anybody...its disrespectful.
6. Video game playing is not as bad as half the things other husbands do for "fun."
7. Just because he doesn't notice i have new clothes on, doesn't mean Im allowed to not tell him that i went "shopping."
8. Saying Please and Thank You...go a long way.
9. i'm not fat and he will never tell me i'm fat, even if i do get fat.
10. sometimes "talking" is overrated.

Tomorrow I might make a list of the things " I still havent learned..."

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  1. #1 made me laugh. :) I still haven't learned that, and I get mad when he doesn't want ice cream. he he