Thursday, January 28, 2010

still learning

3 days till our one year! woo hoo! And technically the celebration starts tomorrow and will end Sunday! Tomorrow night is my night to do the surprising, planning, gift giving, food preparing etc. and then danny has reserved saturday and sunday for his part! it is normally very hard for me to "accept" surprises, even though i love the idea of danny planning a 2 day itinerary, it secretly makes me very nervous, only because i know "details" can sometimes be missed my men...but i know without a doubt whatever it is he is planning will be super sweet!

As far as my part in the planning...well i cant tell you quiet yet because danny might read my blog before tomorrow night.  Hopefully i'll be able to get in a post or two before the weeekend ends.

So, like i promised from last night, here is a list of the few things i still havent learned from our marriage...

1. how he showers, dresses, eats breakfast, walks the dog and kisses me "bye" every morning in 15 minutes.
2. why my questions sometimes never get answered.
3. the importance of a flat screen tv... in every room.
4. how he always get places faster than me when we are "following" each other (in cars)
5. how to cook like his mama =)
6. the comfortable-ness of being naked. (possibly blog inappropriate, sorry family)
7. why he never wants new clothes...makes no sense to me.
8. the need for a remote control car, video games, and other child-boy like gadgets
9. how to discuss a conflict or disagreement without talking. (refer to #2)
10. his self discipline. he works out almost every day, im so proud of him...but i still havent figured out how he does it ;)

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