Thursday, February 4, 2010

25 and counting

im getting to the age where life is real. its honest, present and real. im getting to the age where my funeral attendance will probably start increasing and the birth of a baby no longer means responsibility and a money sign but clearly a miracle of life. im at the age where i consistently see children acting like adults and adults acting like children. im at the age that i know marriage is more than a church, white dress and living together... and of all the books i've read its never been defined better than what is written in the Bible. im at the age where low cut shirts, tight jeans and mini skirts are not only unclassy but simply uncomfortable. im at the age where getting paid doesnt mean i get to buy something, but rather i get to "save" for something far more important than a pair of jessica simpson shoes. im at the age where my choices no longer reflect  sitting on the bench, being grounded from the phone, or fighting with my best friend for 48 hours but yet losing my job, jeopardizing my marriage or doubting my faith are just a few of the many consequences i now face. im at the age where yes life can be hard and unbearable but im also at the age where i can choose to believe that the Lords grace is enough, suffering does make us stronger, and hope will always be present.

*please pray for my grandfather who was placed in the hospital this afternoon. he is not a Christian, so i ask that you pray specifically for his salvation and that somehow, someway the lord will intervene.

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  1. just beautiful ambs. I will cover your grandfather in prayer. may God continue to be seen through the eyes of the people you reach each day. love u!