Monday, February 1, 2010

Goal update

So since its a new month i thought i should let you guys know how i'm doing with the goals i set for 2010.

1. Do laundry twice a week instead of once a month.
well, all im going to say is right now our guest bed is unseen due to being covered with laundry. i was really good at washing it all...its just the folding and putting away that i seem to be struggling with. And actually, when im done with this blog entry im going to go fold it all... hopefully this will keep me accountable.

2. Read for at least 30 minutes everyay
this has been very easy for me! I have been reading a lot lately... probably everyday (with the exception of this past weekend...for obvious reasons). I actually even finished up my latest book, Keeping Faith, so I'm starting something new tonight.

3. Blog more intensely
well you tell me? i think ive done pretty good with keeping up with my blogging and trying to be a little more creative in my writing. hopefully year 2010 will be more entertaining...

4. Have Carrie Underwood/Jessica Simpson hair...
hmmm things were going very well until this past friday night when i burned/fringed my hair on the fire in our hotel lobby. (more to come on that)

5. Be halfway finished with my LPC internship
well my test is next month. i have been taking many many many practice quizzes and studying with flashcards via world wide web.  prayers are still needed that information will be retained and learned! I plan on studying 2 hours a night all the month of february...which happens to start tonight (right after i do the laundry).

6. Stay under 115 pounds.
still looking good..even after this calorie infested weekend. I weighed myself this morning a total of 112 showed up on the scale. however i just ran to weigh myself for "honest" blogging and 114 popped up. not sure where those 2 pounds came from....maybe i need to go pee.

7. Learn to like salad, beer and give up dairy products.
no such luck on the first two. but as far as dairy products i have done  okayyy with cutting back. I recently purchased almond milk instead of regular ol' cow milk and have eliminated cheese unless its mexican food...heyy you have to have cheese on mexican food. =)

i promise sometime later in the week i'll blog about the rest of our anniversary weekend... waiting to upload pictures.

happy ground hog day!

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