Wednesday, February 17, 2010

cold, cold, cold

well as most people are blogging about...or have blogged about, is the snow, so I couldnt leave our blog out of the loop. However this last snow seemed to bring the "cold" in more ways than one.

First it brought us snow cold, if you will. I woke up Thursday morning in hopes that I would look out our bedroom window, see snow, turn the tv on and see Garland ISD or Frisco ISD being cancelled or at least delayed. I had to attend a conference/training in Garland at 8 that morning and was really dreading having to drive in such awful weather much less having to get up so much earlier than normal. However, my hopes were diminished quickly once i realized schools in this area were not being cancelled and the roads were just a lil "slushy." In my defense, the traffic was horrible and the snow was just crazy falling, at least for us texans (knowing i have a few outta state followers =). So all Thursday seemed to bring was simply Snow Cold.

Friday my wish was granted! No school work due to icy roads! My supervisor had actually called late the night before to let me know our office was going to be closed due to the road conditions.  Friday was spent doing a lot of housework! Danny actually had to work which was not very fun for me but murphy and I survived.  So I like to think that Friday brought us "Ice Cold."

Sunday was Valentines Day.  I have no romantic story to be honest. As cheesy as it sounds, as newlyweds it always feels like valentines day around here! =)  But we did go have lunch at a little italian restaurant right down the road from us that we have both been eyeing to try. We were the only ones in there, which about an hour later we found out why when both our stomachs started hurting =/  Besides a stomach ache, on Sunday evening I seemed to develop a slight  cough and woke up Monday morning with a full cold  growing worse as my day at work lingered, while danny was at home sick with a little stomach bug. Tuesday we flipped...I was at home all day with a cold and danny went back to work feelings tons better. I went to the doctor and she tested me for the flu thankfully it wasnt the flu...just a really really bad sinus cold. My pulse was really high and I was "dehydrated" which I thought was really strange considering I was in bed alllll day and drinking water.  But I left with prescription in hand and gatorade on my mind.  I like to think Sunday brought a Cough/Sinus Cold.

 Like i said... the snow brought the more ways than one.

what did the snow bring you?

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