Friday, February 12, 2010

Catch up

oaky couple of things i need to catch up on! First off, in case you weren't aware last week my grandfather, my dad's dad, was placed in the hospital.  After a lot of poking, scans, blood drawing and head scratching a tumor was revealed resulting in stage 3 colon cancer. This past wednesday, his scheduled surgery went fantastic!! The doctors are pretty certain they were able to remove the entire tumor. Thank you all who were praying for his healing.  sorry no pictures of our hospital visits...didnt seem appropriate. 

Next off the to do list, our anniversary weekend! i know i blogged a little bit about our weekend but i never posted any pictures so here ya go!  below: after eating at outback we started our weekend off at the ALoft hotel in Plano!

That night we went downstairs to their bar/lounge area and enjoyed the live band music and watching it snow...this would also be when i fringed my hair on the fire place for sitting to close. oops!

The next morning we awoke very early because we had to be someone at 8 that morning! This next day was all a surprise for me so I had no idea what we were doing or where we were going! Well, we ended up at Massage Envy...where yes, you guessed it...i got a massage! ahh wonderful! After the massage, we had a quick breakfast and then we were off on our next surprise!  Which happen to be the Sheraton Hotel in Arlington.  This is where we spent our first night as a married couple, so it was so sweet and memorable to me. 

After getting settled in at the hotel, we did what anyone would do...relaxed before the next scheduled unknown. Danny told me to not wear heels, dress warm and bring my camera. We ended up at the new cowboys stadium for a 2 hour tour! I thought this was a great idea simply because danny loves stuff like this and i love taking pictures.

Above: you might be wondering where the watch came into play... well that was my anniversary gift from danny! i love it! its so fancy looking! and i love how the box says "happy anniversary" in it. Too cute! After the tour we went back to the hotel room to get ready for dinner. Another surprise! Danny had made reservations for us to eat at Olanjacks...where our rehearsal dinner was! The whole day was just so thoughtful! After Olan jacks, we went back to the hotel and decided we needed dessert, i was really wanting cheesecake but the closes cheesecake factory was almost 30 minutes away, so we wandered downstairs to the hotels restaurant. There we hit the jackpot! cheesecake and grandmas apple pie!! yum soo good! After that we were stuffed and tired. perfect end to a perfect day. 

okay so now its valentines day weekend...ive never been to big on this holiday but maybe we will do something. we'll see. I really want to make these cupcakes i saw on the martha stewart show so maybe i'll get a chance to go get all the ingredients and make em! that would be fun! =)  okay until next time...


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