Tuesday, February 23, 2010

its just different

right now im in our room trying to study but laying on the bed trying to write note cards and take practice quizzes is really uncomfortable. my very own stubborn-ness has left me in here instead of sitting in our comfy star chair with matching ottoman for my un-matching sock feet to be propped up on. i got mad at danny so i grabbed the computer, my note cards and my study material and pouted off to our room to "study." however, now im lacking in pen ink and desperately needing to blog while listening to my itunes mix of Addison Road, Meredith Andrews and a little Counting Crows. Blogging is such good therapy for me. Im terrible at trying to express with words, it usually comes out horribly or just all wrong but when i blog...i can think about it before spitting things out. I wish i could say the same thing about emailing, but im just as bad when it comes to emailing, i respond to quickly and never read what i write usually resulting in many typos and a lot of jumping around.

one of my new years resolution was to blog more "intensely" im thinking this might be a good start to that.

yesterday, we bought a car. well an SUV. Its so cute! I love it! It's pretty basic and doesn't have a lot of little extra "gadgets" like Roxy(my previous car) did but I was wanting an SUV which is more expensive than a car so no complaints there. I got to see the car twice and both times it was a night, I never got to test drive it because I have a phobia of driving with other people in the car. If you think about it you have never actually rode in the car with me driving unless your my sister, amelia, my dad or mom and now danny. If I have driven you, then you did not know that my heart was pounding out of my chest, my palms were sweating profusely and my nails were picking at my cuticles like crazy. Anyway, point being i never saw the car in light until today. and i still love it. but its not white. in the picture it looks white and the paper says its white, but its not white. So i brought this up to danny and  I think, well I know, he took as if I dont like the car. which is not true at all. and now he is giving me the silent treatment which is driving me bonkers, which is precisely why im in my room because me talking to myself while i'm vigorously cleaning our feeling- really- small- right- now-apartment (i picked this trait up from my mother) was not working out and was only getting those hamster wheels in my head moving faster. blah.

now that im writing about it, it sounds sort of funny, because i know danny doesn't even care right now, he's probably just glad i'm not banging around in the kitchen so he can enjoy his video game in silence and drink a beer without me giving him that "look" when he drinks a beer or orders that angus beef burger with bacon from mcdonalds. (its so bad for you). danny loves his alone time, its something that has been an adjustment for us  me thankfully i have a couple of hobbies now that has helped me enjoy my "alone time" as well. Danny has never been a fighter and I'm so very thankful for this. He does not like conflict, he never yells, he never name calls, he never brings up past mistakes... i'm so blessed to have married a man that doesnt do any of these things, because I am not as good at these things as he is but since he doesnt argue... i  cant argue. haha. so it works for us, until he ignores me and gives me the silent treatment and like i said...it drives me bonkers. lol. he's so funny. i dont know how he does it. just not say a word. i'm going to have to ask his mother about this. 

but i guess his way isnt wrong, its just different than my way.

isnt marriage fun? =) I love it. always gets me thinking =)

see im not mad anymore! i bet he knew i would do this...

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