Wednesday, February 10, 2010

me, me, me!

okay so i know my previous blog said "to be continued" but i've decided to hold off. I was going to blog about "suffering" but figured it might get a little too personal and im not feeling very "deep" at the moment =) so you get a cute lil survey instead!
5 names you go by:      
1.  Amber  
2.  Chicken
3.  Ams
4.  Baby Ruth
5.  shi shi

Three things you're wearing right now:   
1.  jeans  
2.  socks that match (this is shocking i know)  
3.  fish necklace
(im actually wearing more than just those three things...but the surveyed called for only 3. =)  

Three things you want very badly at the moment:   
1.  For my grandfather to be saved and healed
2.  heath blizzard from DQ
3.  For danny's condo to get rented out/or sold  

Two things you did last night:  
1.  studied for 3 hours.
2.  watched half of Love Happens
Two things you ate today:   
1.  cherrios with almond milk  
2.  wendy's spicy chicken nuggets

Two people you last talked to on the phone:  
1.  My momma
2.  Angie  
Three things you are going to do:  
1.  go visit my granddad in the hospital  
2.  pray for icy roads in the morning  (no work conference woohoo)
3.  car dance with danny on our 7 highway trip to the hospital

Two Favorite Beverages:   
1. diet coke
2.  green tea
oh is national "My Turn Day"... you do something nice for someone and the post about it either on email, twitter, facebook myspace, blogs ...write what you did then at the end of your statement put..."now its your turn"
maybe i'll blog about mine tomorrow depending on how late we get in tonight....


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