Monday, March 8, 2010

back to reality

Today was different when we both got home. For the past month or so either danny has had to cook or we've eaten out due to my main priority was studying. But today when I walked in and didnt see stacks of study material on our living room floor i knew I had to start thinking about what to cook. After eating dinner instead of taking practice quizzes I was able to fold clothes and do the dishes, where i discovered our garbage disposal is no longer working and our kitchen towels had been placed with the bathroom wash clothes instead of in the kitchen drawer under my our mixer.  Though I truly appreciate all danny's help around the house while I pursued filling my head with psychological theories it is quiet funny how so many things got out of place. I couldnt help but laugh to myself and be thankful for having such a considerate husband but yet thankful to back to being a "little housewife!"

Below: pictures of all my study material...

The tables have turned tonight however.  Danny is now studying for a test he will take in a couple of weeks.  Therefore tonight I have been in charge of taking murphy out after "playing tug a war with him and/or fetch", separating left overs for his (danny's, not murphys) lunch tomorrow, and taking the trash out.  Its nice to not have to study, even thought it will all start up again in April. I will be taking my test again the first week of June, so the plan is to take March off for relaxation and picture taking and then start my studying up again in April.

It was hard being at work today knowing most of my coworkers knew I had failed my test and those that didnt...I had to tell. i think all this was really good for me though, its helped me not be so worried about what others think, "so i failed a test, who hasn't failed a test?"  One thing I think is funny that I kept telling myself after I failed was "I mean, Michael Jordan got cut from his freshman basketball team" this fact made me feel better to be honest.  Take Babe Ruth for example, he will be remembered for the hundreds of home runs he hit not for the 1330 times he struck out. You can either be known for your failures or for your achievements, and i think it all has to do with how you choose to respond to both events.

Pray for:
*My uncle Steve, he was in a really bad car accident a few days ago, pray for his complete healing.
*My Friend Nicki's husband, Mathis, who separated his shoulder in a snow boarding accident yesterday
*My co-worker, Karen, who is expecting her 2nd baby girl, Dottie, any day now!
*For danny's apartment to either sell or rent out.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Monday, it feels good to be back to normal over here in the Ruth home =)


  1. Oh dear
    i pray to god that your uncle will get back soon and your home will again fulfill with happiness and property.........

  2. Amber, you have such a strong attitude throughout all this! And that is NOT easy -- I know it's so cliche and may seem stupid right now, but you will be SO much stronger through all of this!!!! And maybe there will be someone who looks at you as such an awesome counselor and they'll say, "even Amber had to rise above obstacles to get where she is today" much like you look at those athletes who also struggled at times. :)

    Thank you for adding Mathis to your prayer list. We're hoping to see the doctor today... we had to cancel our plans to visit Texas and that was SO hard!!! :( I really miss our families right now, and I'm heartbroken that we can't see them right now. I'll keep you updated for sure!