Sunday, March 28, 2010

double the murph

for the past few weeks we have been taking murphy to a dog park in Allen called the Canine Commons, its a really nice park and its pretty neat seeing so many different types of dogs and meeting other dog lovers like ourselves. this last time when we went I decided to take my camera in hopes of caputering some cute pics of other dogs but to our dismay Murphy happen to be the only dog in the under 20 pound area =( Though we've been taking murphy to actually socialize with other dogs sometimes its a lot easier on us if he's by himself, only bc you never know how much murphy may annoy other dogs, he can be very much a follower than a leader at times. =/however, as we were contemplating on leaving, to our surprise another a little white dog started making his way to our area and we were so excited to see that it was another Murphy..i mean westie! Every time I see another westie, i always say "its a murphy!" all westies are murphys in my opinion. =) I was so happy that i brought my camera bc murphy and this other dog became BEST friends very quickly and they looked so much alike. 

isnt he just the cutest?! could you tell which one was murphy??

have a good week!

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  1. Wow! They look exactly alike. I tried and I couldn't tell which one was Murphy. Too cute!